Sweet home - Daren Weapon put on a warm autumn home

Sweet home

Daren Weapon put on a warm autumn home

04:38, 25 padziernik 2010


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Daren Weapon put on a warm autumn home
Some consumers prefer to change according to season, home design, fatigue after work need for a relaxing environment. Today the temperature dropped, fall has arrived, how to warm your home improvement too, had a warm autumn it?
A leather sofa, "Dressing Up"

Autumn on the leather sofas by the transformation of "Dressing" to achieve. Specifically, it is for his beloved leather sofa to make a cap. If you have time and a pair of hands, can go to the fabric market to buy some back to their sewing fancy cloth; course, if you do not take this as music, then we measure after a good size to help you custom tailor. "Hats" mainly refers to the sofa, a thick warm shawl wrap, of course, shawl style can be carefully selected according to their preferences, but must choose warm colors, otherwise you will spend time in vain. To increase the number of warm leather sofa pillow can also be regarded as a "warming" approach, this more casual play, this method has also been widely used in Rattan Furniture them.

 First, the living room sofa

1, fabric sofa living room temperature

Soft cloth with rich colors of the changing fabric sofa to give expression, which makes fabric sofa with a strong affinity. Especially in the autumn, cool breeze blowing on the cloth is always doubly missing people. Changing the lines of fabric sofa bleak atmosphere of autumn can play the role of a good melt, get on to that moment when a gentle touch, but also enough people to enjoy for a while.

Put a soft cloth curtain

Orange is the color of choice for the curtains fall. Put soft curtains, when cold wind comes in, will feel psychologically curtains filter out those warm wind in the air, the wind will be the most natural warmth into the room. Curtains for the bedroom than the living room needs a little thicker, because the bedroom is the place to rest at night,Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS the night temperature will be lower, so as not to catch cold. Shading effect is of course essential, sunlight is in the eye can not sleep.
Replace bedding

Early fall, sooner or later have felt comfortable brought bursts of cool, best feeling in addition to clothing, the bedding is, the night chill coming bursts, mat have to buy it up, put on the fall of the bed, and giving We began to experience the warm blanket to bring the share of comfort and warmth. The relationship between bedding and fashion most closely, each fashion season's first products will be presented in the bed.

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